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Hot Melt Sticks

Use with Bostik Hot Melt glue gun. Adhesive that bonds instantly with no fumes or solvents.

The HG3 Glue Sticks are ideal for lightweight DIY, hobby, craft work, home decor projects and for minor household repairs. In conjunction with MGH Glue Gun or a HG3 Glue Gun, provide an instant bond for most craft and household materials including, fabric, wood, leather, most plastics, polystyrene and ceramics. Good in applications where “bond line appearance” is important.

Pair it with a Bostik Hot Melt Glue Gun and your creations will be crafted in an instant!

Are your craft projects as ambitious as you are where putting down the glue for even a moment will only slow you down? Dot let a little inconvenience stand in your way. The Bostik range of hot melt sticks are made specifically to suit the Bostik HG3 Hot Melt Gun or the Bostik Mini Hot Melt Gun so your projects can go on day and night.

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